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K9 Track NW

The PNW's Leader in K9 Tracking

Join our team and come find the trails!

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Come Find the Trails!

Give a Purpose

Does your dog love to sniff everything? Give that sniff a purpose. You may have hopes to join a SAR Team or just want to have fun working with your pup. Here is where you begin to give your dog a purpose.


Take the Challenge

Challenge your dog to find the trail. Challenge your dog to focus and keep on track. Challenge yourself to learn something new. Take the challenge, and begin the adventure!.

Strengthen the Bond

Working together for a common purpose. Learn to communicate with your dog. Build trust between your dog and you, build a true team, build a strong bond. Building a bond for great success.

Hello, I am Jennifer

 Nothing makes me happier than to show you how amazing your dog can be. And, not only your dog, but you too! Join us today, let the adventures begin!

Come Find the Trails

Does your dog love to use their nose? Do you two love the outdoors? I think we have just the thing for you. Come find the trails!

The Adventures Begin Here

Join our team. Give your dog a job that will fill your lives with many adventures!

A Little About Jennifer and K9 Track NW

Jennifer has been working dogs professionally for over 17 years. She has trained dogs in obedience, detection, and tracking. For a leading company in Law Enforcement K9 detection, she trained the dogs, then taught the handlers how to work their new dogs for years of success in the field. She has worked as a handler in narcotics, bomb, and volunteered as a SAR dog handler. Her dog, Alice, and Jennifer continue to answer the call to search.  Jennifer started K9 Track NW to support SAR teams and to give the opportunity to any dog to find the trail. Her hopes, to show you just how amazing your dog truly can be. Join her team today, let the adventures begin!


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My Short Story

I have been working dogs since 2005. I have taught obedience, detection, and tracking classes.  I was a SAR handler for 14 years, a narcotics handler for 9, and I worked as a bomb dog handler for two years. Now as K9 Track NW owner and trainer, I hope to train with you. My wish is to show you just how amazing your dog can be.